The best laser hair removal services in Los Angeles, CA

It pricks you. It stands out. It embarrasses you. Every day you wake up and see it staring back at you in the mirror. It can produce countless stress in almost any facet of your life. Your children will ask you why you have it. It can keep from going to some of your favorite places, such as the gym, pool, or local beach. If gone unchecked, it has the possibility to do damage to your perception of yourself.

No matter your age, gender, race, or body type, we all know the trouble of having hair in unwanted places. If this unwanted hair is visible, it can cause us countless embarrassing moments and public humiliation. If this hair is just under your clothing, it can lead to self-esteem issues with ourselves or significant others. While most people attempt to keep unwanted hair shaved, waxed, or plucked, this can often lead to minor injuries. Given the state of medical technology, no one should struggle with unwanted body hair for the rest of their life. Here at LA Laser Hair Removal, we take pride in offering the most advanced hair removal procedures available on the market.


Hair removal is more than a branch of cosmetic procedures. These procedures can provide liberation from some of life’s most repetitive tasks. Time is money, and there is simply not enough time to keep up with difficult maintenance on body hair. When it comes to saving time and long term money, look no further than laser hair removal in Los Angeles. Laser hair removal is the most popular and effective method of removing tricky body hair because of its long-term effect. Say goodbye to the burden of shaving, waxing, plucking, razor burn, and ingrown hair. With the hustle and bustle of LA, how did you have time to complete these cumbersome tasks before?

hairy skin Benefits & Side effects

While laser hair removal may sound like a scary process, it is one of the safest cosmetic procedures on the market. The procedure involves beaming highly concentrated light into hair follicles to destroy multiple strands of hair at once. While this procedure can completely eradicate unwanted hair after a series of sessions, your skill will remain unharmed. One of the most remarkable features of laser hair removal is how quickly the procedure goes. A single beam of light, which lasts only seconds, can eliminate multiple hair follicles in an area the size of a quarter. If you are looking to rid your face of unwanted hair, this procedure would only take a matter of minutes. Larger areas, such as the chest or back, only take around one hour to complete. Laser hair removal is best suited for removing hair which are dark, thick, and in hard to reach areas. While this process may take multiple sessions, it is one of the easiest ways to drastically improve your look. People already trust the health of their eyes to sophisticated laser procedures. Why would your skin be any different?


Beyond laser hair removal, we are proud to offer Los Angeles our amazing electrolysis procedure as well. Unlike laser hair removal, electrolysis involves using a chemical solution to remove unwanted hair. Electrolysis is just as safe as laser removal and is used to eliminate different types of hair. While laser hair removal targets dark hair which large amounts of pigment, electrolysis targets hair which are fine and lighter in color. It is the perfect procedure for ridding your body of those tricky gray, red, or blonde hair which seem to always pop up in difficult areas. While electrolysis involves using a chemical solution, it is still a safe procedure to perform on sensitive areas such as the face. Much like laser removal, customers can expect to participate in multiple sessions to ensure all unwanted hair has been removed from their body. Electrolysis takes longer than laser hair removal, but this does not mean the process is any less effective.

While this procedure is safe when completed by professional, there are many unqualified businesses offering electrolysis in Los Angeles. In a city where everyone is looking to make a dollar, do not put your trust in anyone but the trained professionals at LA Laser Hair Removal. We stand by our products and procedures, meaning you will not be wrongfully cheated out of your money or time.


While most people can agree they need some sort of hair removal procedure, many worry about the cost of electrolysis and laser hair removal. In terms of pricing, we offer some of the most competitive rates in Los Angeles. While specific rates will differ slightly between customers, the average laser session costs around $600. If you are looking to take advantage of our electrolysis procedure, expect to pay under $100 per hour of treatment. It may take multiple sessions to fully treat difficult areas, but you can ensure that unwanted hair will never be an issue for you again. The total price of laser or electrolysis hair removal will always be dwarfed by the thousands of dollars Americans spend every year on hair management products. Hair removal is not a luxury. Hair removal is a smart investment for both your appearance and bank account.

To get laser hair removal, cost is going to factor in for many. But, you shouldn’t let unwanted body hair hold you back from being who you want to be. At LA Laser Hair Removal, we have the professional staff to ensure your procedure with be completed with safety, quality, and super customer service. We are the leaders of our trade, staying on top of the most advanced techniques to better serve you. Our prices are some the most competitive in the Los Angeles area. We do not believe in a world where beautiful people must deal with the pain and annoyance of unwanted body hair. Help us bring out your inner confidence while saving you thousands in the long run. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a consultation!